Getting started with Lucidspark

Lucidspark is a new whiteboard tool. But new users weren’t staying for long and weren’t sharing their experience so Lucid organized the Engagement and Virality teams.

Quantitative research found that new people stay when they share. But most new people did not share.

So we decided to emphasize sharing in the new user experience.

New people shared with their team 6% more often.

But we discovered that many people prefer to share with a link instead of email. So we included a share link in the experience.

Sharing increased by another 2%.

We wanted to understand what to do next. So we did qualitative research.

The research found that people are interested in Lucid products. But they weren’t ready to invite their team until they “try it on”.

So we designed a “try on” experience.

People liked the “try on” experience prototype. But engineers said it would be too expensive to build.

So we began by including the updated template preview experience.

The updated template preview experience was pretty. But it made no difference to our metrics.

So we decided to keep the old template experience and improve the templates themselves.

The new templates didn’t make a difference to sharing. So we decided to work on something else.

More of the story coming soon…